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Cheap Lenses?

First my outrage at Nikon, I am an APSC DSLR user, I like the cameras, the cameras do what I want to do.  I have a nice collection of Nikon DX series lenses.  But the longest one they make is a 300 mm.  NOTHING longer in the DX series and not a lot of aftermarket options.  I can use other Nike F mount lenses, but the lenses become manual, at least manual focus, some of them manual exposure when mounted to the D series cameras.  And the 500mm Nikon lens options that are not going to fully function start at over $3,000. After months of debating if it was just a waste of money, I clicked buy in a $119 500mm on Amazon.  The brand was unclear on Amazon, the lens comes out of the box clearly as a Vivitar Series 1.  Online reviews are mixed at best.  The lens is fully manual, manual focus, manual exposure.  The complaints of the image is all white, or all black, are people who don't understand the fundamentals of exposure.  Having started out with an Argus C3, I do.  And yes this takes me

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