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A Crumudgens View of Cameras

I was thinking recently that I have a crumidgens view of what a proper camera is and what it is not.  I was raised in the era of 35mm SLRS.  Cameras with interchangeable lenses, that viewed through the lens that the photo was being taken with.  In my minds eye, that is the form of a real camera. My current kit is two Nikon D5500 DSLRS and seven Nikkor lenses. I seldom leave the house without one of them in my hand.    I watched a YouTube video recently of things to not pack for your next cruise (I am taking a cruise this year) and at the top of the list was a real camera.  The presenter was urging "just use your phone." This triggered my curmudgeon view of cameras.   Then I started recalling the curmudgeon's of  50 years ago, the experienced photographers in the 1970's who had a different view of what a real camera was.  The old guard of my youth, urged that if you didn't know how to use a 4 by 5 view camera, at least a Speed Graphic, you really didn't know ho

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